Instrumental Music

the dreams of imagined homelands (2023) for large orchestra, electronics, and Edison wax cylinder phonograph
BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra; Ilan Volkov, conductor
Grand Hall, Glasgow, Scotland

old red barn (2021) for violin, viola, cello, bass clarinet, electric guitar, and fixed media
International Anthony Burgess Foundation, Manchester, U.K.

soft brown wax (2019) for brass, feedback piano, and fixed media
TILT Brass and William Dougherty
DiMenna Center, New York

(re)sounding alessandro (2021) for piano, feedback, and fixed media
Jared Redmond, piano & electronics
studiobörne45, Berlin

 Hyper Electric (2017) for two electric guitars and two double basses
Nuntempe Ensamble with visuals by Leah Beo
Tempus Fugit 2020, Buenos Aires, Argentina

the new normal (2016) for large ensemble and fixed media
Asko|Schönberg Ensemble; Bas Wiegers, conductor
Gaudeamus Muziekweek, Utrecht, The Netherlands

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Electronic Music

CYNWYD is an album of experimental electronic music released on the independent Parisian record label tanzprocesz in April 2023. The album features, among other things, field recordings made by the composer during the COVID-19 pandemic from the emptied-out cities of Rome, Key West, and New York. Cassettes are available on Bandcamp. Read a review of the album on Destroy//Exist.

Sound Art

In dark times will there also be singing? is a participatory sound installation and performance specifically built for the Villa Sciarra Park in Rome. Passers-by are invited into the space. After depressing a pedal, the participant is invited to sing, hum, or whistle "a song that brings you joy." The participant is anonymously recorded. After releasing the pedal, the sound of a previous participant is played through speakers in the space. In the performance portion of the installation, a sonic collage of the recorded voices is diffused from inside a building at the Villa Aurelia as part of a concert organized by the American Academy in Rome on May 20th 2021. The Rome-based string quartet Quartetto Sincronie performs with the collage recordings. Visit the installation website for more information about the work.


Hyper Electric for two electric guitars and two double basses, 2022

Traum im traum for meantone zither and sine tones, 2020

Intersections for ensemble and sine tones
Zone Experimental, Basel
New Focus Recordings, 2017

Aphakia for cello and piano
Wiktor Kociuban, Demetre Gamsachurdia
DUX Recording Producers, 2015